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With the right support, we can innovate much faster, propelling our contribution to a sustainable future even further. By joining us, you'll be part of this exciting journey, helping to make substantial advances in the energy sector. To stay informed on Kitemill's developments and potential investment opportunities, please share your email address with us. We commit to keeping you updated with the latest news and developments from our end. Thank you for considering this partnership and championing a cleaner and more sustainable future with us.

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Kitemill aims to disrupt global electricity market by providing technology for inexpensive production of energy based on strong and consistent wind resources – high above conventional windturbines.

  • 🌎 Global wind energy market of €100 bn will double several times up to 2050.

  • 🏆 EU support Kitemill as a leading European start-up and has granted €6 million in project support.

  • 🚀 Team of 20 persons developing the Kitemill concept with base at Lista, the world’s only permanent test senter for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE).

🎯 Technology address many known challenges of conventional wind energy:

  • 5x energy density pr area

  • Double capacity factor

  • 1/10 of material use

  • 1/5 emissions from production

  • Reduced footprint from installation

  • Systems are mobile (and flying)