The future of green energy is found high up in the skies

Airborne wind energy can be harnessed above 350 meters, far higher than conventional wind turbines, at heights where the winds are stronger and more consistent.

Our solution reduces the levelized cost of energy by 50% due to 90% less material usage combined with an increased energy yield.

Based in Norway since 2008 – Kitemill is a world leading company in developing groundbreaking airborne wind energy technology. Our technology has the potential of completely changing the way we utilize wind power today.

The Solution

Kitemill’s solution consists of a kite connected by a tether to a ground based generator. Just like normal kites behave on windy days, the kites pull the tether from the winch generator at the ground station while it flies in a helical pattern in the wind direction.

Kitemills technology:

  • needs less than 10% of the material usage of conventional wind turbines of same capacity

  • ensures stable energy output thanks to a high-capacity factor

  • unlock more potential wind sites thanks to harvesting wind at high altitudes

  • increased energy density compared to conventional wind and solar

  • entails minimal interference in the surrounding environments both in construction, and operation

  • has less investment tied up to the site and can be relocated during its lifespan

  • is barely visible from the ground

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