Our team and markets

Kitemill is a technology company that will revolutionize the wind power industry. The company's mission is to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission energy sector for the next generation by strengthening AWE technology to harvest stronger and more stable winds, in turn improving cost efficiency and drastically reducing the use of raw material.

Employees are the company's most important resource, and Kitemill now has a carefully selected team of international experts. With the acquisition of UK-based KPS and Netherlands-based eKite, the team has expanded and become more international

Kitemill's employees

Norwegian Team

Thomas Hårklau

CEO and Founder
+47 46837117, th@kitemill.com

Asgeir Løno

+47 905 05 267, al@kitemill.com,

Torben Baun

Intereme CTO

Alfred van den Brink

Interim CTO

Tallak Tveide

Control System Engineer / Test leader

Sture Smidt

Head Aero and Structures

Stig Magne Olsen

Test Pilot & Rapid Prototyping

Prabu Sai Manoj

Program Manager KM1
Mission Commander

Trond Hammerstad

Test Pilot & Rapid Prototyping

Akshay Borude

Head of Electronic Engineering

Jørgen Busk

Test Pilot

Nivetha Nagarajan

Software Engineer

Tareg Mohammed

Advisor Control System & Aeronautical Engineer

Otto de Besche

Advisor Compliance

Chirster Svenkerud

Control System Engineer

Frederik W. Mowinckel

Strategic and Financial Advisor

Max ter Horst

Strategic and Financial Advisor

David Ainsworth

Business Development and Project Manager

Coert Smeenk

Kite Engineer

George Galloway

Quality System Manager

Board of Directors

Svein-Olav Torø

Board Member

Jon Gjerde

Founder / Board Member,
+47 902 09 813, jg@kitemill.com

Jèrôme Guillet

Board Member

Jaap-Jan Ferweda

Investor / Chairman of the board

Collaborating parties / Consultants