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Welcome to the Pre-Order Registration for Kitemill’s KM2 Airborne Wind Energy System

Our KM2 system represents a leap forward in efficient, sustainable power generation. This registration is your opportunity to be among the first to adopt this groundbreaking technology. For further details or assistance, connect with us at

KM2 System Pre-Order

Take the lead in the renewable energy transition by pre-ordering Kitemill’s KM2 AWE system. The KM2 offers a unique combination of high-altitude operational efficiency and significant material use reduction, setting a new standard in wind energy production. Registering your interest today places you at the forefront of the next generation in wind power, with no upfront commitment required. This initial step opens a pathway to detailed discussions about the potential integration and benefits of the KM2 system in your energy portfolio.

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🎯 Here are the key KM2 specifications:

  • 100 kW average cycle power

  • Comparable powercurve with conventional wind turbines

  • 150 to 350 meters height range for increased energy yield due to stronger winds

  • > 75 % reduction in material to other renewables

  • Unprecedented low relocation costs – ideal for operating as a fleet of systems, each for 3-5 years at various locations under temporary permits.

Why Choose Kitemill?

🌎 Global wind energy market of €100 bn will double several times up to 2050.

🏆 EU support Kitemill as a leading European start-up and has granted €6 million in project support.

🚀 Team of 25 persons developing the Kitemill concept with base at Lista, the world’s only permanent test senter for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE).