Electronics Engineer

Renewable energy from a reliable source at competitive price is the key to the good future of our planet. Kitemill has found the solution high up in the air and is committed to show the performance of airborne wind energy. Our future clients - the energy companies, are conservative and focused on reliability and availability in their energy producing plants. Kitemill shall give them what they need.

Kitemill employs a team of skilled and experienced experts. We are testing our KM0 and KM1 prototypes in Lista, Norway, where we also will develop our next KM2 models.

To meet our challenges and development targets, Kitemill is now recruiting an Electronics Engineer. The person will become part of the control discipline and collaborate closely with the assembly team.

The electronics engineer will have the overall responsibility for the electronics design for the KM2 system – a rigid kite with wingspan of 12-15m. This means the whole range from initial design based on our KM0 and KM1 heritage, prototyping, supervising production, qualification and testing, and continuous improvements to the system through its lifetime.

The candidate should have experiences with one or more of the following:  

  • Systems engineering
  • Electronics design
  • PCB design
  • Power distribution systems
  • VTOL design
  • Motor control
  • Servo control
  • Sensor design
  • Connectors for aerospace applications
  • Embedded programming

The candidate is expected to take the lead in the electronics work, which is continuously improving our KM1 and KM2 systems, support the team in testing and qualification and participate through our test campaigns.

Your background will ideally encompass a Bachelor or Master in Electronics, Aerospace, Mechatronics or similar. Experience with drones, quadrotors, fixed-wing UAVs or similar is an advantage. A passion for renewable energy is a must!

The company aims at increasing the number of female employees, such that female applicants are especially encouraged to apply for this position.  

Contact Lode Carnel (R&D Manager) lc@kitemill.no