Customer accepted equipment on site

Customer accepted hardware on site - EU project "AWE" - deliverable completed

Recently, Kitemill and Sør Energi's representative Harry Leo Nøttveit met at the site to complete a deliverable in the EU project AWE.

The KM1-02 system, which consists of an E50#01 winch and a Spark kite, was demonstrated in operation and is now accepted by Sør

A double set of hardware is now available and tested at site.

Energi as a complete set of hardware. This system, along with the KM1-01 system already acquired and accepted by Sør Energi, forms the first airborne wind energy array that is capable of demonstrating simultaneous operation. Sør Energi, the customer, will in the future take over the role as operator for this system according to a operational agreement between the parties.

This marks a significant step in the process of bringing the technology from R&D demonstration to commercially prepared equipment that is operated by a customer. As CEO Thomas Hårklau stated, 'Having a customer involved influences both the legal and technical requirements in the right direction.

Video from flight of Spark#8 and #9:

Stig Magne Olsen prepare Spark#8 and Spark#9 before qualification flight.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 881193 and is part of preparation to next EU project the European Innovation Fund grant agreement No 101038892.

Picture top; Stig Magne Olsen, Thomas Hårklau from and Harry Leo Nøttveit from Sør Energi.

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