Asgeir Løno new CFO of Kitemill

Asgeir Løno (41), MSc in Economics and Certified Public Auditor, has been appointed as the new CFO of Kitemill. Løno comes from the position of regional bank manager for Hardanger and Voss, in Sparebanken Vest.

-I look forward to working at Kitemill. I have a strong belief that Airborne Wind Energy(AWE) as a technology will succeed. Kitemill is the company that is at the forefront of the world in this segment. AWE will have a major impact on how we produce our energy and thus on developments in climate and the environment. Kitemill is a pioneering company with a strong team and good solutions that address our climate challenges and can make an important difference. This is a journey I want to be part of, says an enthusiastic Asgeir Løno.


Background from PWC and Sparebanken Vest


He knows Kitemill well. Løno was the company's auditor in the period 2010 to 2012. He has been the owner of Kitemill from 2015 and has been a member of the company's board of directors since 2017. Asgeir Løno has a master's degree in economics from NHH, where he also took further auditor course and certificate. Løno was in the consulting company PWC for eight years, before he was employed as regional bank manager for Sparebanken Vest in 2013. Løno also holds a position in the board of directors with the greentech company Invertapro and he is chairman of the board of Næringshagen på Voss. He has worked with climate and evironmental technology in various companies for over ten years.


Adds a new dimension


-We are very happy that Asgeir Løno accepted the position as CFO with us, says Kitemill's CEO, Thomas Hårklau.


- He will considerable strengthen Kitemill’s administration and ensure that we can more quickly take the next step up to a commercialization on a larger scale, of our products and services, Thomas Hårklau.


Løno will take on many large tasks. Hårklau thus frees up much of its time, to work more focused on the development of the company's technological solutions, and sale sand marketing, while Løno is given responsibility for the company's financial functions, financing, and M&A activities.


Future financing


Important tasks will be to develop a business and financial model and a fresh view of possible acquisitions and mergers in the industry, while working intensively with the company's future financing, with information sharing to investors in the company, media, authorities, and society in general. Løno lives in Voss, together with his wife and three children. He is Kitemill's eleventh permanent employee. Three of them have their workplace at Kitemill's head office in Voss.

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