Introducing the KM2 system

Kitemill is excited to introduce the KM2 system, a 100 kW average cycle power airborne wind energy system that is set to become the company's first commercial model. Kitemill has been working on the KM2 system for almost two years, and the company is eager to begin prototype production soon.

Fast track deployment strategy

Not only will the KM2 system, potentially transform the weak grid market segment with its high flexibility and availability further down the road, but it will first and fore most be used to enable utility-scale use of AWE technology. Kitemill believes there will be opportunities to deploy this system in fast-track pipeline projects as the already awarded European Union Innovation Fund project, Norse Airborne Wind Energy Project where 12x KM2 units is planned installed.


Properties for a significant impact

This first commercial version will already show how several of the value propositions larger scale,more widely implemented, AWE systems will provide. The KM2 system will show:

·        higher capacity factors than solar and other intermittent sources

·        a considerably less material usage than conventional wind turbines regardless of scale

·        efficient logistics provide flexibility which allows the system to be relocated

·        less required infrastructure on site which reduces impact on the nature

For more details about the KM2 contact Kitemill

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