Kitemill at Arendalsuka

A large crowd turned out as Kitemill made its debut appearance at Arendalsuka. Kitemill was invited by the organizers Bold Type management to discuss the company's technology to an attentive and engaged audience.

The lecture by Kitemill's CEO, Thomas Hårklau, and CFO, Asgeir Løno, took place on the historic schooner Solrik, built in 1929 at Brekne in Lista. This was an ideal location for the presentation since Kitemill's headquarters are located at Lista Fly og Næringspark.

Kaia Finne, the Chief of Commerce for Voss Municipality, was also present at Arendalsuka. She greatly appreciated how the innovative company from Voss showcased the Voss region.

Invitation extended for 2024

"Arendalsuka is a new acquaintance for us. It's impressive how many people from business and politics gather here. This is an important platform for us to become more recognized," stated both Thomas Hårklau and Kaia Finne. Both added that they are planning to participate again in 2024.

The conference host onboard the schooner concluded by inviting Kitemill back next year, convinced that Kitemill would have more positive updates on the company's progress. When asked by the audience about when the commercialization of the company would accelerate, reassuring and uplifting responses were given by Løno and Hårklau. Kitemill is on track and has many interested new investors looking to back the company in the future. In this context, there are plans for new rounds of crowd financing, allowing new owners the opportunity to join the company's exciting journey.

A Crucial Meeting Point

Arendalsuka is a Norwegian political festival held every summer in Arendal, specifically during week 33 in August. Established in 2012, inspired by Almedalsveckan in Sweden, Arendalsuka serves as an annual national forum where stakeholders in politics, society, and business meet for debates and policy development. In 2023, there was a special focus on solutions to address the climate crisis. In this regard, the presentation of Kitemill's solutions was particularly apt. Arendalsuka is non-partisan and aims to bolster faith in politics and political debate. The organizers state that they want to strengthen the power of our living democracy. The estimated attendance for Arendalsuka 2023 was at least 150,000 people.

Photo Captions:

On the schooner Solrik: Asgeir Løno and Thomas Hårklau (from left) discussing Kitemill's technological solutions to an attentive audience at Arendalsuka 2023.

Kitemill's team at Lista: From left: Kitemill's CEO Thomas Hårklau, Research Coordinator Carl Fredrik Tjeransen, Voss Municipality's Chief of Commerce Kaia Finne, Kitemill's Aerodynamics Engineer Manoj Mandru, Kitemill's intern student A.B.M. Saleheen, and CFO Asgeir Løno.

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