Kitemill continues consolidation drive and gears up for fully automatic flights with new strategic investor

Kitemill AS continues its drive to further consolidate know-how, IP and patents linked to Airborne Wind Energy. After the successful acquisition of the Kite Power Systems (KPS) assets, Kitemill has become a leading company in the field of Airborne Wind Energy Technology. Kitemill is now ready to scale up, with a new strategic investor. After successful initial autonomous flights – in which the technology proved its potential to generate energy – the Norwegian company will further scale up the technology and plans to commercialise its first demo Kite park.

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Tareg Mohammed and Stig Magne Olsen, both in new full-time positions, spending long days with R&D at Kitemill's test site, Lista, Norway.

Strengthening its leadership in Airborne Wind Energy Technology

En-Vision Europe Limited invest € 1.0 million and this is good news for the Airborne Wind Energy Technology according to Thomas Hårklau, the CEO of Kitemill. This investment solidifies Kitemill’s leading position in this field.

In 2020, Kitemill acquired all intellectual property rights from Scottish KPS, took over the company's assets, and successfully integrated parts of the KPS technology. Furthermore, Kitemill has benefited from the information that Alphabet / Google released after they closed their company Makani.

With the investment from En-Vision, Kitemill has obtained further access to know-how in Wind Energy Development and Sustainable Aviation. Expertise in these two areas will facilitate the integration of Sustainable Aviation and Drone Technologies into the company, and this way speed up the commercialisation of Kitemill.

Kitemill will continue its drive to further consolidate the Airborne Wind Energy area in order to remain the leader in this nascent sector.

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