Kitemill Operational Update: Key Developments and Team Enhancements

Kitemill has reached important milestones in the recent phase, with enhancements in our technology and a strategic expansion of our team.

Technology Enhancements and Operational Impact

Our updated hardware has been validated through new functionality in our flight to landing mode,demonstrating immediate results. The attempt on endurance flights with the new system architecture has proven effective. Moving our priority to the automation of transition to landing, necessitated to increase length of our flights developing. It will allow us to land the system automatically when flight operation no longer is possible. This move towards full automation ensures safe landings post-extended flight duration, addressing the impracticality of continuous manual oversight.

KM1 landing in one of the many flights March 2024


Advancing Operational Efficiency

We have further optimized our personnel at the test site, reallocating resources to enhance our development capabilities. The team is dedicated to automating key operational processes, extending beyond flight operations to include pre-flight check lists and workshop qualifications. This expansion in automation and process improvement is necessary for scaling our operations and enhancing productivity.

Kitemill remains committed to advancing AWE technology, focusing on these strategic areas to solidify our market position and contribute effectively to the renewable energy sector. We look forward to showcasing the results of our focused efforts in the near future.

The team gathered in Kitemill's workshop at Lista March 2024 with the KM1 system which currently serves as the main system in flight operations.

Team Growth and Structured On-boarding

We have welcomed new engineers, including Nivetha and Oleksii, to our team. Their on-boarding is part of a broader initiative to develop a series of training activities, aiming at a scalable process in anticipation of Kitemill's expected expansion. This approach aligns with our vision for future growth and operational scalability.


Interim Leadership and Technical Direction

In their roles as co-CTOs, Torben Baun and Alfred van den Brink bring invaluable expertise to Kitemill. Torben, with his distinguished background as a leading inventor from Vestas, and Alfred, leveraging his experience as the former CTO of EWT,together provide Kitemill with leadership that not only advances our position in the AWE sector but also aligns our contributions with the critical needs of the utility-scale renewable energy market.

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