Kitemill: Pioneering Airborne Wind Energy at the EIC Corporate Day in Amsterdam

Leading European scaleup company, Kitemill, recently made an impact at a significant event hosted by the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Vattenfall, one of Europe's most responsible utility companies. The energizing two-day gathering took place in Amsterdam, fostering robust discussions on renewable energy and propelling the industry towards a greener future.

Kitemill was among the 14 top European innovators funded by the EIC, invited to present their transformative technologies. The diverse lineup included pioneering participants like GREENOV, XSUN and Aero Enterprise GmbH, each providing unique solutions within the renewable energy spectrum. However, Kitemill distinguished itself with its unique focus on Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) — a game-changing technology poised to revolutionize wind power harnessing.

Amidst the esteemed attendees such as EIC Programme Manager Franc Mouwen and EIC Investment Manager Luuk Borg, Asgeir Løno from Kitemill introduced the concept of AWE. He highlighted how Kitemill is at the forefront of this disruptive technology, navigating the future of renewable energy.

"The opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions in AWE at this event was extraordinary," Løno shared. "Engaging directly with Vattenfall's management during our pitch and subsequent one-on-one meetings underscored the need to act immediately on the impending energy challenges, not waiting until the 2030s."

Vattenfall's dedication to innovative and responsible energy production is well-established. The utility giant's firsthand experience in pioneering wave power through the Wavebob effort equips them aptly for supporting the next disruptive technology in renewable energy: AWE.

The EIC Corporate Day marked a key step forward in potential collaborations between groundbreaking startups like Kitemill and forward-thinking utilities like Vattenfall. These partnerships will enable the acceleration and adoption of new technologies in the energy sector, driving our world towards a sustainable future.

Kitemill's journey into AWE is shining brighter following this successful event, and the company is primed to lead this revolution.

"We extend our sincere gratitude to the EIC and Vattenfall Team for this significant platform, and we eagerly anticipate the road ahead. At Kitemill, we are deeply committed to the vast potential of AWE and unlocking it for a sustainable tomorrow," concluded Løno.

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