Unveiling New Tools: Propelling AWE Endurance to New Heights

Kitemill continues its dedication to Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), progressing steadfastly towards a sustainable future. Following the successful completion of the EC Accelerator and Horizon 2020 project and achieving record-breaking flight durations, Kitemill is now poised for a new challenge: enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights. This crucial leap towards longer endurance highlights AWE's transformative potential in the global energy landscape. Explore this article to understand Kitemill's forward-looking research and development endeavours.

BVLOS Flights: A New Era for AWE

By embracing the challenge of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, Kitemill is taking a significant step forward in the industry. The transit ionto more frequent and longer flights requires more sophisticated systems forhealth diagnostics, automatic fault detection, and automatic mitigation. Thedevelopment of these technologies is crucial for Kitemill's continued success.


Harnessing Advanced Development Tools to Propel Progress

As Kitemill transitions from mastering core performance metrics and basic functionalitieslike load control, the focus is shifting to more sophisticated capabilities.The next step involves enabling the kite to detect non-conformities and respond safely. To accommodate this complex task and handle increased data demands, Kitemill is enhancing its avionic hardware and introducing a new suite ofdevelopment tools. By harnessing these advanced technologies, Kitemill aims to expedite progress and foster innovation, securing its position at the forefrontof the dynamic AWE industry.

Strengthening R&D with the Iron Bird and Simulation Environment

Kitemill’sIron Bird, a ground-based aircraft systems simulator, and a continuously growing integrated simulation environment, are key players in the company's innovative research and development (R&D) capabilities. These assets, combined with upgraded development tooling, allow for swift innovation and robust testing capabilities.

An “Ironbird” is a fixed installation of the avionics and actuators along with loggingequipment to allow efficient qualification of the system.


Innovation Center: Kitemill's Workshop

Kitemill’s workshop, located in Lista, Norway, is an embodiment of their innovative spirit. Here, advanced development test rigs and tools for rapid prototyping facilitate creativity, pushing the boundaries of AWE technology.

Tallak Tveide calibrating the tether load sensor.

Optimizing Test Flight Capabilities

Having afully permitted test site next to the office and workshop gives Kitemill adistinct advantage. This setup allows for a multitude of test flights, buildingan operational track record that sets Kitemill apart in the AWE industry.


Long-Term Permitting: The Gateway to Commercial Success

Securing consistent permits for AWE sites is a vital process in the development and growth of airborne wind energy. This has been convincingly demonstrated by Kitemill at Lista, Norway. For over a decade, Kitemill has operated under a steady permit, effectively showing that with a dedicated approach, handling permitting is a manageable task, not an unassailable barrier. This fruitful experience highlights the significance of consistent permits in establishing a robust testing infrastructure, a fundamental driver of innovation and progress in the AWE sector.

Permitting work is a continuous process at Lista. The team frequently inpsecting the site.


Forging the Future of AWE as a Dominant Global Energy Solution

As Kitemill charts its course forward, integrating advanced systems for BVLOS operations is a paramount objective. Kitemill isn't merely contributing to airborne wind energy(AWE) – it's pioneering its transformation. Their innovative approach, dedication to excellence, and relentless pursuit of progress are shaping the potential of AWE to transcend from a contributor to a dominant force in the global energy production landscape. As our collective mission gravitates towards a sustainable future, Kitemill is guiding this transformation, inviting investors to be a part of this revolution within the renewable energy sector.

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