Milestone for Kitemill

Successful automatic operation of KM1 provide promising data. The main focus has been load control and automatic functionality and it is great to see the result of this. Further the data gathering tools provide fast and easy access to operational data. Even before tuning of performance metrics has been allowed, good results being traced.

Spark 8 enabled in a 52 minutes flight

Being the first production run with the KM1 Spark#8-kite, the objectives for this flight was to tune the basic parameters. The flight lasted for 52 minutes and summarized nicely the current stage of development.

A plot of the flight path showing 3 retraction phases

Improved retraction phase

The key take-aways from the later test campaigns are increased automatic functionality and improved retraction- and transition phases.  Load control have also been improved and the kite operates now in a wider range of pull forces. We are also pleased about increased low wind performance which increases the weather window and enables more test days.

New focus as milestone achived

The milestone achived is proven repeatable automatic performance in the main operational phases. This allows us to shift focus and that further improvements will be aimed to increase endurance. We do also monitor perforemance and collect data points for a complete power curve for the plant. Optimalization the production and efficiency  will happen continously, but as a lower priority. Yet, the energy produced is promising and this first flight with the Spark#8 was tuned to a net positive energy output including the consumption in the retraction phase.

Airborne Wind Energy will change the world

Using a fraction of the materials of conventional wind while opening new and better wind resources in higher altitude makes AWE bring renewables a leap forward from its current capabilities. AWE will play a significant role in a net zero society.


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