Shareholder with faith in Kitemill

-I experience Kitemill as a very targeted, systematic, and careful company. Their technology is very exciting, and it is a pleasure to be allowed to take part in this, says CEO Arne Marthinsen of the mechanical workshop Einar Øgrey Farsund AS. The company is also one of the shareholders behind Kitemill.

He got to know Kitemill when they established themselves in Lista in 2014, and since then Kitemill and Einar Øgrey Farsund AS have collaborated on the development of new technology.


- We are a shareholder in Kitemill and look forward to the positive development in the company, says Arne Marthinsen. He hopes that many new investors will notice Kitemill, in the company's ongoing crowdfunding campaign.


Investorand subcontractor


Einar ØgreyFarsund AS has developed, production tooling, winch drums and frameworks for Kitemill's new prototypes. Thus, the Farsund business is one of Kitemill's subcontractors in the ongoing work to perfect the new power plants based on a perpetual energy, the wind resources higher above the larges conventional wind turbines.

-Kitemill's technology works very well, and things look good for the commercialization of their products, says Arne Marthinsen.



Offshorewind supplier


Einar ØgreyFarsund AS has expertise in electro mechanical assembly, mechanical new production,and maintenance. The company gain considerable experience as a supplier in the Norned DC transmission between Norway and Netherland. The company developed considerable experience as a supplier in offshore wind from the first large scale offshore wind farm Hornsrev 1 in Denmark in 2006.

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